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Check Out Sun Studio 12 Compilers and Tools

Posted by marinasum on September 18, 2008 at 11:26 AM PDT

Sun Studio 12 delivers a comprehensive tool set for developers—C, C++, and FORTRAN compilers, Sun Performance Library, dbx Debugger, the NetBeans IDE, Thread Analyzer, Performance Analyzer—along with superior performance. A new article on SDN, Why Use Sun Studio 12 Compilers and Tools?, summarizes the features and points you to the free download.

Have a look.

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hi there, it will be nice if someone could come out with an Opensolaris/Linux LIVE CD containing this tool. Readily available so that someone could boot on that LIVE CD and then double click an icon to start working on a test project to see if that works ? BR, ~A

hi there, do you know if this version is based on "netbeans" ? If yes, does it have code completion and other cool features that java code development has in Netbeans 6.x ? thank you, BR, ~A

Yes, Sun Studio 12 is based on NetBeans, so you get all of NetBeans' cool features, including code completion. Regarding the LIVE CD, including Studio 12 would make the distribution to large to fit on a CD :-(.