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Learn about pfexec in the OpenSolaris OS

Posted by marinasum on October 14, 2008 at 3:41 PM PDT

In a new article on Sun Developer Network, Introducing pfexec, a Convenient Utility in the OpenSolaris OS, Sun senior systems engineer Joerg Moellenkamp tells you about a neat utility in the OpenSolaris OS. A system administrator can create a role, assign the Primary Administrator rights profile to it, and then assign users to the profile. Subsequently, those users can perform the tasks defined by the profile, such as executing root commands, without logging in as root. All they have to do is prepend pfexec to the commands.Read the article for the related commands, the example output, and other details. Incidentally, Joerg, who's located in Hamburg, Germany, is a prolific blogger: His blog,, is full of enlightening and interesting observations.

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