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Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Ships

Posted by marinasum on November 12, 2008 at 1:01 PM PST

OpenSSO, Sun's open-source project for Web access management, was kicked off in July 2005. Now, over three years later, OpenSSO-based Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 has been officially released, complete with capabilities for internal and external single sign-on, federation, and secured Web services. It's free for download.

In a recent blog, Sun federation architect Pat Patterson points to the product and download sites, release notes, and other references. Do check them out!

Many congratulations to the Sun access and federation management team.

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Thank you so much, your help has been valuable.

There is a high level Portal roadmap at, with more detail at . Actually, since that second link is a blog entry, you should be ask specific questions in the comments there and get answers straight from the Portal folks.

Where I can find Portal roadmap? as the one which was published announcing the joining of opensso and AM 8. Users and customers certainly should make decisions based on that information. Thanks a lot for the information given.

Portal 7.x continues to work with OpenSSO in legacy mode. Note that you have to upgrade from an AM 7.x deployment to get legacy mode in OpenSSO - it is not supported in 'green field' OpenSSO deployments. There is a portal project called WebSynergy that takes advantage of OpenSSO's newer features - see This post from Sun's Bert van Beeck also has some more detail:

You raised an excellent question, hjuarez. I'm pinging the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise folks for an answer. Stay tuned please.

How this release will impact SJS Portal Server users. I mean... Portal Server depends on access manager services, and usually you have to use AM in legacy mode in order to collaborate with it, eventhough you loose some AM nice features. Is this release fully compatible with Portal Server last release? Next Portal Server will still depend on AM Services and versions? Any information would be appreciated. Regards.