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Enforcing Single Sign-On in a PHP Environment

Posted by marinasum on December 2, 2008 at 3:31 PM PST

Interested in finding out how to put single sign-on (SSO) into effect in a PHP development environment? As its synopsis points out, the new Sun Developer Network article, Single Sign-On for SugarCRM Through a SAML-Based Integration of OpenSSO and simpleSAMLphp, "shows you how [...]. The process integrates OpenSSO, Sun's open-source Web access management project, with an application in the LAMP [Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP] or SAMP [Solaris and AMP] stack. Here, simpleSAMLphp acts as the front end for SugarCRM."

See the OpenSSO site for details on that Sun-sponsored open-source project for Web access management. And do join and participate in that community! More references are available on the OpenSSO Resource Center.

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