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Goodbye For a While

Posted by marinasum on January 28, 2009 at 2:53 PM PST

As of last Thursday, January 22, I stopped working for Sun because of a reduction in force. The past 20+ years of my technical writing career there were indescribably rewarding and fulfilling and I have my collaborators, editors, and numerous other colleagues to thank. Their professionalism, support, camaraderie, and the stellar examples that they set are invaluable to me.

Blogging on in the past four years has taught me a lot. I plan to still post once in a while, if only to champion some of the Sun-sponsored open-source projects, such as OpenDS, OpenSolaris, and OpenSSO. They are staffed by experts and are, I'm convinced, heading for a resounding success.On hearing the news of my job loss, my 87-year-old godfather, an accomplished and admirable individual, didn't say "I'm sorry" as so many others did. Instead, he observed with a smile in his voice, "Kiddo, I know that good things are going to happen to you because of this change." First, being called kiddo at my advanced age is a perk. Second, his optimism is catching. I look forward to the next horizon.

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Best of luck Marina, and look forward to the future.

I wish you good luck. It was a pleasure working with you on one of the articles that we published together.

Best of luck Marina, I always felt your blog and enthusiasm here was a shining star on

Comments like yours made my day, glag and felipegaucho--no, crowned it, even though it's early in the morning yet. Words are woefully inadequate to express thanks. But thanks! That's all I can think of to say.

Your godfather is absolutely right :), take a shower, drink something, sleep for few hours.. and then wake up with a giant smile to your new world :) nice to read your blog entries, nice to hear a bit of your life.. and good luck and a lot of fun in your next venture..

I wish you a good luck. I was one of your blog reader on, and it was very instructive for me, I want to thank you for all you have done. And don't loose your optimism and please keep blogging.

Many thanks, Cay. I know of Marina Vatkina. Marina being a bit of an uncommon name, it was no wonder that you had us mixed up. With so much encouragement, how can I not keep blogging on I'll keep it up as best as I can.

I enjoyed your blog entries too...and, to my embarrasment, when I ran into Marina Vatkina a while ago, had the two of you confused and gave her credit for one of them :-) Best of luck for the future!