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Revisiting Predictions for 2008

Posted by marinasum on January 2, 2009 at 10:30 AM PST

Who doesn't enjoy reading predictions? Early last year, I came across a few articles that predict the high-tech happenings in 2008. Here they are—if only as fun reading:

All the best in the New Year, everyone. Any 2009 prophecies? Please post them.

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Yes, what a right-on prediction. And the outlook for 2009 is nothing if not uncertain.

Most of the predictions are too vague and there is no easy way to asses if they failed or not. Some only based on feeling, not empirical data. But there is one I read from your second link we can say it was right for sure. This one: 11. IT job market in the USA. While we’ve enjoyed a stable demand for IT professionals in 2007, it won’t last and next year we’ll see project freezes and even layoffs. The reason is the burst of the real estate bubble. This will affect not only those simple people who were brainwashed and decided that they could have afforded an American dream. CEOs of major Wall Street corporations are being fired after drowning their companies by getting into bad mortgage debt. Among other things, the IT budget will be severely cut. As you know, today on Wall Street, is tomorrow on Main street. Use the training budget of your employer now if it’s not too late. Keep your skills up to date. Was this from crystal ball? :)