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Creating One-Time Passwords With OpenSSO

Posted by marinasum on February 11, 2009 at 9:55 AM PST

Sun senior product line manager Daniel Raskin has produced a video that spotlights a wonderful OpenSSO capability that's in the works. For additional security, OpenSSO can generate and transmit a one-time password to a user's mobile device for accessing a Web application.In the video, Daniel demonstrates the process:

  1. The administrator creates a user account in OpenSSO and adds the user's mobile number.
  2. The user logs in and requests a one-time password.
  3. The user receives the password on the mobile device and then accesses the Web application.

The benefits are many, as described by Daniel in the insights that accompany the video. A significant gain is the savings and convenience that result in users being able to receive authentication tokens on mobiles devices—no other hardware is required.

Thanks to Sun identity architect Pat Patterson, who referred me to the video.

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