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Installing JavaFX on the OpenSolaris OS

Posted by marinasum on February 6, 2009 at 8:45 AM PST

Thanks to Sun technology evangelist Brian Leonard, we now know how to install JavaFX on the OpenSolaris OS: Just follow his five-step procedure, complete with screen shots. Looks simple and intuitive to me. Have a try yourself.

Incidentally, The Observatory, on which Brian and his fellow evangelists blog frequently, is full of gems regarding the OpenSolaris OS. Excellent job by those knowledgeable folks, who are also humorous and articulate. It's a pleasure reading their postings.

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talking about humor: their instructions simply did not work for me :-) in fact, they confronted me with a chicken-and-egg problem - if the javafx sdk (the mac-os one ) is not installed the plugins refuse to install because they require the javafx sdk (the Next button is grayed-out) - if the javafx sdk (the mac-os one ) is installed netbeans refuses to start properly very funny indeed ;-)