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Read Up About LDAP Innovations

Posted by marinasum on April 27, 2009 at 4:53 PM PDT

Felix Gaehtgens's March article on Kuppinger Cole, Innovations in the World of LDAP, that is, the directory-server arena, is well worth a read. It takes you through the early history of Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition (called iPlanet Directory Server before) in 2002 and its evolvement since, with notable enhancements in scalability, performance, replication, reliability, and resilience. You also learn about the mechanics of password storage and the related data migration between servers.In addition, the article answers the question "Why is Sun also sponsoring the open-source project OpenDS in addition to DSEE?" Many good reasons, among them innovations, easy and fast installation, and shorter release cycles, replete with contributions from the community.

To learn more about OpenDS, see a recent USTREAM presentation by community manager Ludo Poitou, a key player for the project. I met with him recently and was much impressed by his insights, dedication, and enthusiasm.

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