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On Java University at JavaOne

Posted by marinasum on June 2, 2009 at 6:35 PM PDT

Java University at 2009 JavaOne was held on Sunday afternoon, May 31, and all day Monday, June 1. Earlier today, I caught up with Joe Boulenouar, senior Java specialist at Sun, and asked him how everything went in those 1-1/2 days.

"Wonderfully," Joe beamed. "Impressive signups, enthusiastic students, active participation during class. All extremely gratifying." In particular, he pointed out that the attendees welcomed and appreciated the wide coverage and depth of the courses, which ranged from Java to Java EE to JavaFX, also to SOA to Web 2.0 to Web services to scripting languages, such as JRuby."Our team, Sun Learning Services, was behind the effort," Joe added. "We've been tuning the Java University program for years, incorporating continual input from customers regarding their training needs. A couple of behind-the-scenes heroes for the program for the past many years are Chris McDonald, our business development manager; and Karen Sutherland, our global delivery resources manager." Joe would also like to extend special thanks to Stephen Armijo, Mikaela Benoit, Julie Bisiar, Gary Fluitt, Giselle Gollazo, Diana Gray, Kate Jones, Cheryl Rainbolt, Karen Sullivan, and Cheryl Tremblay for their many contributions to this year's Java University.

"What did you hear from the audience?" I asked Joe. "Almost in one voice, the attendees tell us that they can't learn enough of the new and emerging technologies as they relate to Java (such as JavaFX and Web 2.0 frameworks). They look forward to more of that next year—led by experts, as ever, and ideally lasting for three or four days for more depth," he responded.

Joe encourages everyone to keep actively involved in the Java developer community to share experiences and exchange ideas. "And don't miss JavaOne, of course," Joe grinned. "Watch out for the related spec updates. Java is now on billions of devices and will be with us long term, no doubt about that. More exciting developments are yet to come for Java and its related platforms. I can't be more optimistic about the growth prospects of Java technology and look forward to continuing to be involved in its learning arena."

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