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Running the OpenSolaris OS From a Browser

Posted by marinasum on June 25, 2009 at 1:09 PM PDT

Interested in exploring the capabilities of the OpenSolaris OS? A Sun Learning Services beta program makes it really easy: You can run the OS from a browser—with no downloads or installations, for one hour at a time. Brian Leonard's June 18 posting on the OpenSolaris group blog, The Observatory, has the details, complete with screen shots and important tidbits of information from the launch site. Be sure to have the login credentials of your Sun online account ready.

I just tried the steps and everything worked as advertised. Have a whirl yourself?

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I really do not understand why there are two account types: 1- Sun Online Account 2- I simply hope that what Sonya said here ( would really mean that we will be having a SSO for both.

Yes, you log in with the credentials of your Sun Online Account, not the account. To set up a Sun Online Account, go to;jsessionid=2d314291b5547e1917b2cfd08d619.

Hi Marina, tried it but couldn't get in. Is this a different account from the one I'm using to post this?