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Saverbeans Screensaver Pack 0.2 Released!

Posted by markroth8 on June 25, 2005 at 8:34 PM PDT

After almost exactly one year of waiting, it's finally here. Version 0.2 of the Saverbeans SDK and Saverbeans Screensaver Pack have just been released!

You can download the latest SDK from the JDIC project on

And of course you can download the latest screensavers from
the Screensavers project on

SaverBeans SDK 0.2 has the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Added JOGL (OpenGL) Screensaver Startup Kit and corresponding APIs. This allows developers to write OpenGL 3D screensavers in Java!
  • Added installer generation for Windows screensavers (generates a Nullsoft installer script).
  • Added a destroy() method to the ScreensaverBase API so that screensavers can release resources before shutting down.
  • Screensaver now exits on Windows when cursor moves.
  • Added isFullscreen() API on context object.
  • Mouse cursor is no longer hidden from preview in Windows.
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Fixed bug in settings dialog when values are out of bounds.
  • Fixed slow-downs on Linux for some screensavers that use alpha.
  • Upped minimum JDK requirement to 5.0.

In addition, the screensaver pack has a brand new installer for Windows (and a nifty Makefile for Unix) and brings the total count from 18 screensavers to 34! Thanks for all your submissions and for your patience as they were added to the pack.

Let's keep this collection growing!

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