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Save Education with Java

Posted by meruvian on October 12, 2012 at 2:23 PM PDT

Meruvian is founded as a mix need between a legal entity for JUG Indonesia movement and also JENI (Java Education program founded by Ministery of Education) and a small project between Frans Thamura and Kompas (the biggest newspaper in the country, regarding OpenSource alternative to Microsoft solution which it is Sharepoint, we use Alfresco - the project lead by Rene -- and cannot related to my company that time, Intercitra Prima Integrasi).

now Meruvian is dedicating his effort to create full opencontent for modern education and also transforming starting 2012 to provide infrastructure for the Java solution created by ecosystem develop in Meruvian (companies lead by meruvian team, internship and also partners)

This is also because Meruvian have a strange positioning in the market, because stands as middleware for both industrial solution and modern education, which of course focus in Java. Make the first and may be the only tech oriented entity in the country (I believe in our region also).

Several our programs:
1. jTechnopreneur, create technopreneur based on Java, take a look
2. JENI 2.0 ( yes, we lead and restruct JENI become 2.0), take a look (Bahasa Indonesia) or (English)
3. OpenPaaS initiative, take a look
4. BioDiversity, please visit (we are revamping the system, stay tune).
5., provide OpenStreetMap Reimplementation inside our Indonesia Internet Exchange.

What can you do with Meruvian?
1. if you are english native, may be can help our student to create english material, and also check our material which they are open content, become better material. please visit
2. if you are the Java guru, called to help Indonesia education (which we believe the ecossytem between Industry and Education are getting worst, because globalization and corruption and lazynes culture of the teachers), and help a lot of smart, poor, and locked in the dark education ecosystem, become a people that have future.
3. if you are a company using Java, please map or donate your material, yes, the students can fullfill your lack of resource in Java market. they can also become your apps tester, esp if your apps is OpenSource.
4. if you are Java outsourcer, you can link with companies founded by Meruvian students.

We hope the meruvian model can also adopted outside Indonesia, and we can help to make a better world with Java.