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WADL Revision

Posted by mhadley on May 24, 2005 at 1:33 PM PDT

I got some useful feedback following the publication of the original version of the Web Application Description Language (WADL) and have revised the specification accordingly. Thanks particularly to Mark Nottingham and Philippe Le Hegaret for their useful comments, many of which are addressed in the latest version of the WADL specification (PDF) and WADL schema

Changes since the previous version:

  • Resources may now be nested. This allows the resources to be specified in a tree that closely parallels typical URI structures
  • I've added global operation groups as a lexical shortcut to specifying the same set of operations for multiple resources. This isn't quite a resource typing capability as requested by Mark but provides much the same functionality (IMO)
  • URIs are now used to refer to WADL components instead of XML QNames
  • Clarified escaping requirements for URIs with embedded parameters
  • Assorted other clarifications and additional explanatory text

Still to do:

  • Specify the extensibility model including scope and inheritance
  • Investigate registering a media type for WADL documents

The W3C has just created a mailing list for discussion of Web description, if you have comments or thoughts about WADL or similarly targetted description languages then why not join the list and share your ideas.

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Comments java doc

Mark, The application element can contains multi resources; hence the ResourceNode is related to Resources as defined. Now if the Application element does not contain any doc and the Resources element has a doc defined it will not be shown in the main Service client class. I would suggest to change the following in the ResourceNode constructor from doc = app.getDoc(); to doc = app.getDoc(); if(doc.size() == 0) { doc = resources.getDoc(); } Thanks for allowing us to give you feedback Regards, Alan Mehio London, UK