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Time for a Change

Posted by mhadley on April 27, 2010 at 8:18 AM PDT

This week is my last at Oracle, next week I'll be starting a new job with Mitre.

I started looking around for a "Plan B" prior to the Sun acquisition closing in February, mainly due to uncertainty about whether I'd be offerred a position with Oracle. A friend introduced me to an excellent opportunity at Mitre and, after a couple of rounds of interviews and a lot of thought, Plan B morphed into Plan A.

I've enjoyed my short stint with Oracle, it was great to be able to work on Jersey again after 18 months or so doing other things and hopefully the declarative hyperlinking extensions and WADL generation improvements I've been working on will have legs after I leave. I don't know yet whether my new role will afford the opportunity to contribute further to Jersey and/or JAX-RS but I'll be working on the application of open services technologies to national problems so its possible.

I plan to continue blogging here when I can, so stay tuned for the next chapter.


Not again!

Nothing upsets me more than reading about projects I love losing key personnel... Good luck at your new job. I just wish I could clone you :)

Best of luck!

 From what I recall, Mitre is not an IT provider company, more of an engineering company, right?


Congrats Marc, Mitre looks like a company covering cool topics!


Good luck!

Best of luck

You're aces in my book, Marc. Enjoyed working with you, hope to work with you again.

good luck!

I left for my plan B  before the aquisition ;)

Good luck!

It was a pleasure to work with you. We will miss you. All the best in your future career! Martin

Best of luck!

Marc, It was a pleasure working with you at Sun / Snorcle. I'm sure you'll be doing great things at Mitre. --Ron