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Bumper Crop of WADL Tools

Posted by mhadley on May 10, 2010 at 5:58 AM PDT

Last week saw the release of three new WADL frameworks:

Ruby client for the Web Application Description Language

Earlier I had committed, but failed to blog about, changes to wadl2java that enable the latest version to read both the current and prior versions of WADL files. This is driven by an XSLT stylesheet filter that updates the previous version to the latest version while leaving the current version intact.


jQuery WADL plugin

In RESThub (, we have developed a jQuery WADL plugin that generate automatically a WADL test console. It is available at More documentation to come ...

Another great tool in this space is SOAPUI ...

Another great tool in this space is SOAPUI (, initially a testing tool for SOAP, don't be mislead by the name this. It has excellent WADL/REST support and has become an excellent generic Web Services interface management tool.