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Y2K, redux?

Posted by michael_n on April 12, 2005 at 3:07 AM PDT

A story on NPR this morning about
congress wanting to expand U.S. daylight-saving time by two months (to help reduce energy consumption) made me wonder.... Don't you think this will affect any running systems? Yeah, we can take the blame for the Y2K thing, but you just can't go changing time itself all willy-nilly and not expect a system or two to break....

Perhaps, merely your auto-deposit paycheck will show up in your account an hour before it's really there; or, your new-fangled j2me automatic coffee maker will, two months out of the year, start making coffee after you've already left for work. But, regardless of what may come, did anyone ask us, the developers? Will the Y2K "hype" (and subsequent "dud") make people think software is... intelligent, or something?

As a sort of side note: curiousity made me go look at the actual J2SE code ( which you can download at ), just to see... It looks like the actual time zone (and DST) info is in a external file in [jre]/lib/zi/* (that's good), but it's not plain text (that's bad -- for my curiousity, anyway). (More pressing issues tore me away...)

I doubt anything will come of it, anyway..... You know how "users" are. One minute it's 2am, the next it's 3.

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