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New Twist on Old Open Source

Posted by mikel on May 11, 2005 at 7:42 AM PDT

I just received some spam-mail from the IPv6 summit, titled "The Future of Military, Homeland Defense, and New Economic Opportunities
Focus of New Internet Summit".

Granted, the good old US DOD started this whole 'Net thing, and I suppose I shouldn't rain on their parade. But as a lifelong pacifist, I found myself rather offended. And, rather than feeling helpless (the DoD will fund what it wants, and the corporate and academic hands will stick their hands into whatever pockets are available), I was wondering:

Has any one ever created an open source license that did not allow military use? I'd really like to see a modified Apache license, or a modified BSD license, that said "this code is free for all non-military or non-homeland security uses." The open source community certainly does not owe anything to the military. Whatever our day jobs might be, they aren't funding our projects.

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