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A few words about Brazil, Java technology and myself

Posted by mister__m on August 4, 2003 at 12:15 PM PDT

If you have been to the last edition of JavaOne, then you probably have seen me :-) I was one of the crazy, shameless Brazilian guys who attended the conference this year. No, I wasn't the "Brazilian superman", as one guy who works for Sun named Bruno Souza, our Javaman. :-) But, getting back to the point, there is a lot more about Java development and Brazil than you might know.

To begin with, as Manoel Lemos and Beatriz Leao mentioned at their session, we speak Portuguese - yes, we don't speak Spanish and we are more than 50% of Latin America, what means most latins speak Portuguese! We are the 12th largest world economy and our capital city is Brasilia, not Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo nor Buenos Aires (that last one would make some of us really angry :-P) And some national wide projects are entirely or mostly Java technology based. Oh, probably the most surprising fact: our JUGs are the largest of the world! The #1 is SouJava, which I am glad to be part of and help to coordinate.

As this is my blog let's talk a little bit about me: currently, I am working on a application that is going to be used by one of the main industry players here and it's going to control nearly everything they do. My Ant builds are taking ages - ok, 5-7 minutes, but that's ages from a Java developer perspective :-P - and I think our code base is still going to get 5 times bigger! That is what motivated my main project, called AntG. Its main purpose is to make Ant builds run faster by using threads and taking advantage of grid computing. If you are interested, check it out! Give your suggestions and join the project. We are still limiting its scope and deciding how to begin to implement it, so all of you are welcome. Right now, we are discussing everything in Portuguese, since we are all Brazilians, but if you join, identify as a non-Portuguese speaker and we'll do our best to write in a language you understand - as long as it is English or Spanish. :-)

I intend to publish some useful and practical tips here and also to talk about my other projects, so keep checking my blog out.


Michael "MisterM" Santos

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