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My talk at FISL and a new blog in Portuguese

Posted by mister__m on May 28, 2004 at 3:31 PM PDT

FISL is the most important event about free software in Brazil. People from different countries come to attend sessions about free software such as Linux, PHP and others. As Java is starting to get more attention from the open source and free software community, there will be some talks about it in the main track. Besides that, SouJava, the largest JUG in Brazil, which I am proud to help to coordinate, will be featuring a special pre-event called Javali.

I will presenting one of the sessions, called "Simplicidade, Escalabilidade, Testabilidade e Produtividade com J2EE, AOP e Rich Clients", or, for the non-Portuguese speakers, something like: "Simplicity, Scalability, Testability and Productivity with J2EE, AOP and Rich Clients". In this talk I'll show part of the work we've been doing at Summa Technologies to be able to develop robust software with a flexible architecture and still keep our code so simple people who know just plain Java are able to understand it. I'll also talk about how you can get a fast, responsive UI with Thinlet and develop in a way you can rearrange the topology of your application without touching a single line of your business code.

Besides that, I'd like to announce I now have a personal blog in Portuguese, known as Blog do Mister M. It's far more informal than this one and will include pictures of my trips and will be updated much more frequently. Please, read it if you can understand my native language.

Very important things will happen here, at, in a few weeks, so stay tuned in order not to miss it. See you.

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