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Everyone is a Brazilian

Posted by mister__m on May 8, 2007 at 1:23 PM PDT

During keynote this morning, John Gage has said his classic opening sentence again: this week, everyone is a Brazilian. Hey, I am one, so if you come across me during the event, I can probably teach you something ;-)

So, to the real meat (I am a vegetarian, by the way, but you get it): Sun has announced that open-sourcing Java has finally been completed. You can go to OpenJDK and download the full source code for the JDK.

Rich Green also told us they will make Java much faster and that there will be a Java SE distribution for consumers which is modular and starts much faster.

Another cool thing is JavaFX. It is a set of technologies used to build rich client applications. Think of it mainly as the Java alternative for Flash. Part of JavaFX is JavaFX Script, a new script language targeted at making the development of this kind of applications easier.

There is also something called JavaFX Mobile. It will allow every Java SE API to be available on phones, as well as supporting Java ME applications. Basically, Sun wants to provide software for the next generation mobiles.Other things happened during this session, but there is no time to tell everything :-)

After the session, I went to the Java SE: Present and Future talk. Danny Coward talked about the JSRs that are being considered for Java SE 7 and I was pretty happy when our JSR was mentioned as one of them.

There is a lot more going on, so stay tuned...

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