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Final JavaOne report

Posted by mister__m on May 16, 2007 at 2:51 PM PDT

Ok, so after a long trip home, I finally managed to write the final installment about JavaOne.

In the morning, I attended Gavin King and Bob Lee's talk about Web Beans. The coolest thing about Web Beans is actually its dependency-injection support and the rich lifecycle model they are proposing. It is actually a merge between Seam and Guice strategies. It would be applicable to any kind of application, not only web-based, so my question was if they intended to split the spec so these features could be used, well, anywhere. They like the idea, but it is too soon to say. Let's hope they eventually do it. Watch out, Spring!

Then I attended the Effective Java Reloaded session. I haven't attended the 2006 session, but a few folks said it was too similar to last year's talk. I've already applied - and advocated - many best practices suggested during the talk, specially making everything final. By the way, Gavin, Bob and Joshua are great speakers and members of this group were in short supply this year. Sigh.

In the afternoon, I've (accidentally) spent some time with some NetBeans guys. First Roman Strobl:

I've told him a little bit more about my NetBeans pledge (expect a follow-up post about it). Then I came across Geertjan again, that showed me his musical notepad (you can find it at nbjfuguesupport). Guilherme Silveira was passing by and decided to make a video about it. He posted the first part in YouTube and hopefully he will upload the second part soon.

After that, I've attended the last few minutes of the session named "Stress Your Web App Before It Stresses You: Tools and Techniques for Extreme Web Testing". It was quite packed and it seems people liked it a lot. So, no need to be worried, Felipe!

Basically I spent most of the time in the afternoon and early in the evening. Then, I was at the Java Champions BOF. Java Champions are recognized by Sun as leaders inside the community. Some of them are Kathy Sierra, Bruce Eckel, Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter, Jason Hunter, Calvin Austin and even myself. It was good to meet some of them and also to meet the program coordinator, Aaron Houston, a very nice guy.

Finally, it was show time: our BOF about JSR-310, Date and Time . As noted by Timothy O'Brien, the number of people who attended was impressive. Her is a partial picture:

We showed a few slides and some code Stephen started working on recently; we expect to commit this API to SVN soon. The audience made interesting comments and questions during the talk and after it - we had to stay there for almost an hour after our talk to address all questions. Some spec leads for JSRs that will make it to Java SE 7 were there and showed they intend to use our work and to support it. So, JavaOne selection team, keep it in mind for next year: date and time is a hot topic.

Once I had completed my main mission, I had a meal with some other Java Champions/JUG Leaders in a nearby restaurant. It was quite nice to meet these folks, shall I say.

From Thursday, I would like to highlight the excellent JFugue talk delivered mainly by David Koelle and with special guest star Geertjan Wielenga. David is a terrific speaker, his work is amazingly cool, his demos rocked and he managed to be funny. Geertjan also deserves congratulations for focusing on the main topic, JFugue, instead of just pushing NetBeans. Of course he mentioned his application was NB-based, but he actually focused on demonstrating how JFugue was simple to use, which just makes more people interested in his application and, well, NetBeans. So, another note to J1 selection team: we want more music-related talks, preferably with David!

Fabiane Nardon and Daniel Lopez's BOF, Designing Self-Evolving and Self-Configuring Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Applications, was also quite interesting and attended by several Java Champions. Nice job! The BoF I've attended after it was one of the coolest sessions in JavaOne: The "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen Space" Error Message Demystified, presented by Frank Kieviet and Edward Chou. I couldn't believe they could actually spend 50 minutes talking about this topic with valuable information, but they actually did it. Having done a lot of profiling and OOME chasing before, I must say I could not explain the issue better. You must be on the Rock Star Speakers list for this year.

Fabiane and Edgar's session on Friday was very successful as well and Linda deMichiel and Kenneth, from JPA 2.0 and EJB 3.1, came to them after the session to look for input for their specs. Joshua's Puzzler session was really cool as well.

So, it was nice to meet everyone I didn't know in person before and to talk to all of you I've already known. See you in JavaOne 2008 (if any of my submissions is approved)!

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