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Monday afternoon at JavaOne

Posted by mister__m on May 8, 2007 at 11:41 AM PDT

After being disappointed at the Matisse session, I decided to go seeing what folks were doing at Redmonk. Well, the unconference was interesting and there were discusssions about scripting languages, invokedynamic and several, several other matters. I reviewed Stephen Colebourne's airplane hack - that he had improved at that time - and made a suggestion to get fewer classes that abstract the period concept. Have I mentioned we will be presenting a BOF, A New Date and Time API for Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), next Wednesday, 9:55 PM, and that you should add it to your schedule? :-)

At the closing session, James Gosling showed a lot of cool applications built using NetBeans and Bruno Souza called the NetBeans Dream Team to stage, which includes two Brazilians: Vinicius Senger, from GlobalCode and Edgar Silva from JBoss. Here is a picture:

Finally, there was a party and besides meeting a nice Brazilian who works as a VP of software development for JP Morgan, we (Yara, Vinicius and I) have talked to Michael Keith, co-spec lead for EJB 3.0 and what to expect from the future:

So that was it. Hopefully I'll blog about today's morning in a few minutes :-)

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