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Tuesday BOFs

Posted by mister__m on May 10, 2007 at 2:53 PM PDT

So, let's proceed with my JavaOne report. I've attended the Meet the Swing, AWT and i18n Teams BOF, mainly because Sun's representative in our JSR would be there. We - Stephen was with me - met him and another Sun guy who works in the util & i18n team. They are nice chaps and I regret not taking a picture with them. Maybe I will fix that later this week :-)

Then I went to Neal's talk on closures. Basically what he said is what he had already made public on the internet, so there was nothing new. One thing I asked him about is if he considered restricting the usage of closures, so people don't use closures for cases it doesn't make sense, perhaps member variables. Neal said he thinks if people are using it for something that way, they probably know what they are doing; I guess he never worked as a consultant in his life :-) Just kidding; in the end, I actually agree with Neal, but I am sure people will shoot themselves on the foot.

Finally, I moved to the final talk in the evening, about Java Programming Language Features in JDK Release 7, with Alex Buckley and Peter von der Ahé. It was really cool to hear from the source what is the process they use for considering language changes and to hear about some of them, including operator overloading. While I am somewhat concerned about it - and so are they, it seems -, I think it would make the Date & Time API much clearer and easier to use.

I've also asked Alex about method/field literals and he said I should probably create a Kitchen Sink Language project implementing them, along with a spec, so they can evaluate it. Maybe I will find the time, maybe not... Let's see :-)

So, wait for my Wednesday report :-)

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