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Finished my new web site

Posted by mkarg on January 29, 2010 at 6:50 AM PST

So finally, after endless nights, my new web site Head Crashing Informatics is finished. Learned a lot on XHTML and CSS by coding it completely by hand (yes, really, did not use any design tool, as I love to code and always want to see what's going on behind the scenes). In the future you'll find my latest stuff there, research results, code snippets, background information on my projects, and certainly my products (like Database Schema Viewer). Btw, even I am not a professional designer, I think my new web site looks much better than the new Sun -sorry- Oracle web site. Have a look at and tell me what you think! What do you like to find there? What do you like, what shall I change? Send you comments!

Apropos professional designer: Also just finished the web site of inviticon, a German affiliate of Head Crashing Informatics, providing stock icons and custom-tailored icons (and other professional design services) for my software products. If you ever need professional high-quality icons, it's worth a try (yes, the web site design is similar -- since I did that). Get a first impression of what your software could look like on Always remember, icons are the face of your software, and people buy what looks smart and professional...

Ok, enough advertising for today. Next time I'll go on with real technology. Stay tuned.



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