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Welcome back to the computing stone age at

Posted by mkarg on February 13, 2010 at 9:55 AM PST

So we're back in the stone age of computing where people have to save their work every other minute to not lose everything.

Today I lost a really pleasant blog article (and with it, two hours of work) by pressing the "Preview" button in's everything-but-superb editor: It told me that I was logged off (why ever, since my connection still created traffic), threw away the so far authored content, and let me start from scratch. Thank you dear anonymous genius, who ever decided to automatically log off people while JavaScript actually still records user activity...

If you won't have to type again everything from scratch a second time (as I do have to do now), always write your complete blog entry outside of's graphical editor and just paste it when you're finished - or press the Save button every other minute, just as we all had been used to back in the computing stone age around ten years ago.

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