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Not at Sun anymore

Posted by mlam on June 16, 2008 at 1:06 AM PDT

Tonight, I noticed that there were a few inquiries posted (back in May) as comments on some of my old entries. I apologize for not bring able to respond since I didn't know about them until now. Well, I left Sun back in April '08, and for some reason, the blog email notification wasn't redirected to my new email.

Anyway, for what it's worth, Jamsheed and hkpottyn, when I get a chance in the next few days, I'll try to give you an answer to the extent that I can. I don't work on CVM anymore, but I'd be happy to share my knowledge as before ... again, to the extent that I can, of course. Since, I don't work on CVM anymore, my knowledge may soon be obsoleted.




Dear Sir, Help! Help!! Recently I am creating a monitor on J2ME to monitor the system calls and the stacks of JVM on J2ME. Now I want to use the JVMTI . It is said that the latest version of phoneME Advanced (is it a version of KVM?)can support the both the CDC and JVMTI on the Internet. But now I have many questions about this. 1.Can I really use JVMTI to realize the monitor? Does phoneME really support the JVMTI? Do I have other choice? 2.If it is usable, Then how could I got the latest version of phoneME, I mean I can just get the resource code of phoneME 3.0 and later version But I don’t know how to compile the resource code to a real JVM. 3.If it is usable, Then how could I make the JVM know calling the Agent of JVMTI before running Java applications? You know, when using JVMTI, creating an Agent of the JVMTI is a common way, and if you want to monitor the JVM, you should tell the JVM to call the Agent before running any Java application. Then how could I tell the JVM to first call the Agent everytime? 4.I am a developer on windows and ubuntu, which tools I can use to develop the monitor, can you give me some advice? 5.If it is not useless, then how could I do to realize the monitor except for modifying the JVM itself. My Email: Sorry for troubling…

Hi Mark,

Plz share the class loading process in CVM?

Thanks and Regards


Dear Mark,

I admire your sincere and committed approach for your your valuable readers.
Thanks a lot for the valuable information you shared with us through this blog ,which made rather complex cvm code simple to crack.
I expect to you to write more and more on CVM and other intersting things in the embedded world ..

One personal question
Where are you currently working ?

Thanks and Regards

Hi Mark, I am working on Java application which needs to be deployed in an environment with strict memory constraints (2-4MB). So I have tried the prototype of the application with CDC (phoneME Advance) and got the desired results (with some modification). But the problem is that I need to use the JNI as well and phoneME advanced doesn't support it. So could you please suggest some other low memory-footprint JVM with JNI support, that can be used? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks and Regards, Ankur

Hi bbsunchen, So, sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this. I haven't worked on J2ME for a very long time now, and hence, don't have the answers for you. If you haven't already, I suggest you ask at the phoneME Advanced forum here: Regards, Mark

Hi Ankur, phoneME Advanced does support JNI. If you are still having problems, I suggest you search the phoneME Advanced forum ( to see if others have encountered similar issues and solved it. And if not, you can post a question there, and I'm sure people in the community will be happy to point you in the right direction. Good luck. Mark