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More about JAVA and XML on the Brazilian National Health Card Project

Posted by mlemos on February 29, 2004 at 12:06 PM PST

The Brazilian National Health Card Project is a huge project with the objective of building a huge repository of clinical data for the Brazilian Health Care System. This project was constructed with the support of two fundamental technologies: JAVA and XML.

In this paper, written in many hands with two Java Evangelists - Carol McDonald and Raghavan N. Srinivas - and the developers of the system you will see details of the implementation and how JAVA and XML were used to achieve the goals of the project.

Check the paper here:

Some Figures and Facts of the NHCP

JAVA Helping People: An actual picture of a health unit showing the patients being attended by nurses using the small health terminals.

The NHCP in action: This graph shows the NHCP pinpointing a strange amount of medical procedures realized in a period of time. When we drilled down the data we discovered that the red peak was the annual campagin of Immunization Against Influenza.

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