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The sound of JAVA. Take a break and have some fun...

Posted by mlemos on January 17, 2005 at 11:18 AM PST

Last year, in JavaOne 2004 and in the brazilian event BrazilOne 2004 we presented a few multimedia JAVA projects. One of them was the RABISCO, a project from the Interdiciplinary Nucleous of Sound Study (NICS) of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP).

RABISCO is one among several other projects from the NICS about the research of virtual music instruments for cooperative playing and composition. With it you may use your computer and mouse to compose music drawing vectors in a drawing pad. The lines are converted to sequences of notes and durations and then the music is done (see picture). The JAVA logo scratch file may be loaded in RABISCO and when you click PLAY you'll hear the sound of JAVA.

To know more about this and other projects like RABISCO check the cool blog of Rick Ross at JavaLobby. Rick gave us the pleasure of his presence in the last presentation in BrasilOne and he really enjoyed our clumsy effort to compose a 'music' for the audience. The music was not good but it was funny.

If you want, you may also try the CORDAS, another virtual instrument project from NICS. In CORDAS you may compose and play music with virtual ferret & strings instruments (guitars, violins, etc).

Try it and have fun!!!!

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