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The State of Geronimo

Posted by monsonhaefel on November 17, 2003 at 4:47 PM PST

Today a subset of the Apache Geronimo committers (developers) gave a presentation on the "State of Geronimo" at ApacheCon. The most important announcement, from my point of view, is that Sun has approved Apache Geronimo's license for the TCK.

What does that mean? Well, it means that Geronimo, when it's ready, can be tested against Sun's Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). An application server has to pass the tests in TCK in order to be called "J2EE Compliant". The fact that Sun has extended this license to Apache, is a huge vote of confidence in the Geronimo project. It says that Sun believes that Geronimo is a legitimate application server that may, provided it passes the TCK, be called "J2EE Compliant." Although, ObjectWeb (another open source organization) was given the TCK scholarship (something Geronimo still needs), Geronimo is the first open source project to receive the license. The license gives you permission to run tests against the TCK, but it normally costs a butt-load of money to label an application server as compliant – that licensing fee is one of the ways that Sun realizes income on J2EE. The scholarship, on the other hand, is designed to support non-profit organizations. It basically waves the costs that commercial vendors are required to pay in order to use the "J2EE Computable" branding.

But wait! That's not all … it was also announced that Geronimo will be using OpenEJB as it EJB container system. Actually, several of the Geronimo folks have been hard at work on a new OpenEJB branch that can be used by Geronimo and the established OpenEJB community. This is an item close to my heart, as I co-founded the OpenEJB project with David Blevins four years ago. It's been a blast working with the OpenEJB code base again. My hat is off to David and the rest of the OpenEJB community – the fact that the Geronimo folks chose to use OpenEJB, rather than develop their own EJB container system is a huge endorsement of that project.

There is more to this, specifically about Geronimo collaborating with ObjectWeb, but I'll cover that tomorrow …

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