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OpenEJB: The BEST way to test EJBs

Posted by monsonhaefel on June 11, 2004 at 9:10 AM PDT

The server side has published an article by N. Alex Rupp on how to use OpenEJB for testing your EJB applications.

Advanced EJB Testing with OpenEJB

David Blevin's and I founded OpenEJB some five years ago to create a fast and lightweight EJB container system that could be easily embedded in any application (its even been used in handheld devices). I stayed with the project for the first couple of years, but haven't been very involved in it since. David Blevins, on the other hand, has kept the project going and has continuously improved it (along with a small army of volunteers). Today OpenEJB the EJB container system used with Apache Geronimo - its very powerful, fast, and best of all lightweight.

The fact that OpenEJB is so lightweight and embeddable is why it actually serves as an excellent EJB testing tool. It starts up and deploys EJBs is seconds (that right I said seconds, not minutes). In addition, it provides a robust and fully compliant EJB container system - one that is used by Apache Geronimo for production enviorments.

Rather than create some type of home spun "moch" container system use OpenEJB. All the hard stuff is done - you don't have to re-invent the wheel. As you'll see in Rupp's article, OpenEJB is ridiculously easy to work with and provides you with the best EJB testing framework available today.

I would go a bit further and encourage people who are using commercial products like WebLogic and WebSphere to use OpenEJB in development. A developer can deploy and redeploy his EJBs over and over again quickly, giving him time to focus on developing his EJBs rather than waiting for a server to start-up and deploy an J2EE application - a process that I believe saps as much as 80% of development time.

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