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A bit more about myself

Posted by mortazavi on June 14, 2005 at 11:59 AM PDT

This is my first weblog entry at, and I'll be writing more as time permits. I may also turn this entry into a top page later on.

About 7 years ago when I started working in the J2EE reference implementation group at Sun Microsystems Inc., I focused my energies on RMI-IIOP, including distributed transactions capabilities and the GIOP 1.2 implementation. Later on, I moved on to projects having to do with architecting, designing and building high-throughput and highly available systems and applications in Java. My latest contribution has been some pieces of experimental work on failure detection and membership management in a cluster of server instances.

Of course, all this work was done in the Java Software and then Java Web Services organizations within Sun. We had and continue to have re-organizations, which is a fact of life in a company the size of Sun.

These days, while still keeping up with my interests in Java, I focus most of my energy on two quite different sets of tasks. The first set of tasks involves managing a wonderful group of engineers working in the data modeling, middleware and core technologies group. (There will be more on this later.) The second set of tasks involves working on Sun's software strategy and partnerships in the mobile telecommunications market, with particular attention to new developments such as IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem). (More on this one, later, too.)

In this weblog, I'd like to explore aspects of my work that have to do with Java, with programming, with software technology and business. For example, I may be writing on how to build distributed systems using Java, about P2P technologies or simply a note here and there about computational complexity. Distributed systems topics may involve distinct paradigms, say from JXTA to J2EE to SOA / Web Services, etc. I may also write about the use of Java technologies in various vertical markets and about open source projects, whether at or elsewhere. Software as a part and parcel of computer technology is a curious thing. Even legal scholars have come to pay closer attention to the role it plays and have compared computer code to code of law.

On more broader topics, I already write at under the heading "On The Margins."

Why do I write? Well, because I find it to be a great exercise in gaining focus and understanding, besides the fact (amply noticed by Socrates) that it helps as the most important extension to memory and sharing ideas across time and place.

You write, you put it away and you move on.