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Java DB

Posted by mortazavi on December 14, 2005 at 6:23 AM PST

In his keynote address to the ApacheCon yesterday, Tim Bray announced that Sun will be releasing the Apache Derby database as "Java DB". This announcement comes after months of planing, hard work, team building and contributions to the Apache Derby project. All of Sun's database technologies group should really be congratulated for their contributions and effort! I'm honored and truly proud to have been associated with this team.

For some recent reports, you might like to turn to Internetnews (Sun Backs Apache Derby with Java DB), eWeek (Sun Releases Open Source Java Database), CNET (Sun Plugs in Open Source Java Database), and The Register (Apache Database Slips out with Sun)— and if you're excited about all this and want to get into database internals development in Java, think about joining the Apache Derby project! Finally, look for it as Java DB in Sun's project portfolio.

During his keynote, Tim also demonstrated an application on which Francois Orsini, a member of Sun's Derby team, has been working. Francois built the application on Apache Derby after having embedded Derby in the Mozilla Firefox browser. It asynchronously updates user data with each user entry.

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