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Java Precisely

Posted by mortazavi on April 23, 2006 at 11:52 PM PDT

The MIT Press has been known for its few but no nonsense programming languages books, like the ones on LISP and Scheme or Robin Milner's The Definition of ML.

Peter Sestoft's Java Precisely: Second Edition continues the same tradition. It also echoes the style of books such as Jeffrey Ullman's Elements of ML Programming.

What makes Java Precisely valuable is not only its rigor and density but also the presentation style where textual explanation on the left has been complemented with code on the right no matter where you open the book.

This simple design allows readers to go at their own pace and review the code and explanation in tandom.

The sections on "Java 5.0," (now also available in "Release 4" for Mac OS X), cover much of the new features added to the Java language, including enum types, generic types and methods, generic collections and maps, including the enhanced "for" statement, StringBuilder class and metadata annotations.

Random readings throught the book would probably work very well for the advanced programmer who has a good deal of Java experience.