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Get Ready for JavaOne

Posted by mortazavi on May 1, 2006 at 12:25 AM PDT

As usual, there is an amazing array of sessions and BoFs planned for JavaOne 2006.

If you're coming, you better start getting ready.

In parallel and besides reserving your seat for your desired sessions using the Schedule Builder, you will want to closely review the "Content Mailer" and the "JavaOne Conference Review," which among many other benefits, gives one the privilege to access the online technical sessions from current and previous JavaOne conferences 365 days a year. (These include the slides, the audio presentation, and the transcript of each session.)

Of course, nothing beats being there!

With absolute certainty, there is always more there than can be digested by one person.

These tools will help with organizing and pacing your activities at the conference so that you may take the most you can for every effort you put into it...

...and if previous JavaOne's have not already convinced you, after this one you may find yourself looking to become a registered member of the Sun Developer Network.

But of course, nothing beats being there!