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Getting the Schedule

Posted by mortazavi on May 5, 2006 at 7:54 AM PDT

Everyone who has ever attended JavaOne should know that doing a bit of work to organize your activities there can help you have a more sane conference.

Of course, you probably also want to be somewhat open to changes and other events that may come up or interest you as you walk on the conference floor.

I've not attended JavaOne since 2002 due to business trips I had to take each year to visit customers and telecommunications partners right about the same time.

In the previous years when I attended, I rarely used the scheduling tools available.

This year, I'm using the scheduling tool (Schedule Builder).

Schedule Builder works quite well for the purposes it was designed, i.e. figuring out which sessions are full, which ones you want to attend, and what collisions you need to resolve. You need to be willing to iterate a few times.

I'm now done with a couple of iterations putting my schedule together for JavaOne, and will return to it again later.