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Meeting a Colleague @ a Session

Posted by mortazavi on May 20, 2006 at 10:45 PM PDT

I was lucky to meet a colleague Slava Galperin at the last JavaOne 2006 session that I attended on Friday.

I met Slava while we were both working on DARPA projects at Teknowledge Corporation. Slava has also worked at myCFO, Sun, and now A9, a internet search company funded by Amazon.

I ran into him in the session on given by Craig Russell and Larry White, two of my Sun colleagues. Craig, Larry and I have been sitting on the same floor of building SCA 14 in Santa Clara for some time.

Their talk pointed out some essentials of Java persistence and AJAX programming. Just as a set of guidelines, if nothing else, it would definitely be worth your time to review the slides.