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Streaming w/ MMAPI

Posted by mortazavi on May 18, 2006 at 10:40 PM PDT

Craig Robinson and Brent Newman (both of RealNetworks) reviewed the use of Mobile Media API (MMAPI) in their session.

In practice of using these APIs, this is what they said they've observed:

Huge differences in codecs supported by varying devices. Some implementations of MMAPI seem to be
incorrectly reporting their capabilities. (Robinson and Newman say they can make some documented recommendations available to device vendors.) They also noticed that HTTP streaming is not properly supported across devices and generations of devices. They put in a plug for the Helix media engine developed by the Helix community in support of JSR 135. They also suggest the use of getSupportedXYZ as a first call in the application so the list of media types supported can be extracted from the device platform.

For old devices, they recommended "chunked playback" on HTTP. This technique, however, leaves audible gaps and clicks.

The demos, while simple in form, were quite illustrative of the main points of the talk.