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Posted by mortazavi on August 18, 2006 at 12:34 PM PDT

Apache / Derby 10.2 beta is out and it is time to give it a good shake for you're likely to see Derby 10.2 distributed as Java DB 10.2 in the next official release of the JDK.

You can start from this wiki page to learn about the status of this release.

As of this writing, fuller description of the beta can be found on another wiki page, also prepared by Rick Hillegas, the 10.2 release lead.

If you're interested in helping the Derby community or if you're interested in using Derby 10.2 and beyond, you should seriously consider joining the buddy testing effort underway.

There is room for more to sign up and for your to help with others who've already signed up.

In his excellent wrap up, Rick also gives other ways to help, including Derby 10.2 application testing and Derby 10.2 regression search and destroy.

In the application testing page, Tech@Spree's Michael Bouschen notes that he "ran the JDO 2.0 RI against the official JDO 2.0 TCK using the version as underlying datastore implementation," and that his tests succeeded.

The importance of application testing with Derby 10.2 cannot be over-emphasized. This' the time to test 10.2 beta. It won't live in that mode for very long!