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Derby 10.2 Release Candidate

Posted by mortazavi on September 25, 2006 at 9:47 AM PDT

Sun's Java DB team has been working hard contributing to the Apache Derby project, and now, the release candidate for Derby 10.2 is available for early use and testing.

Many of you already know that Derby is a database implemented in Java by the Apache community.

Historically, it goes back to Cloudscape, a Java database developed by a startup of the same name in the late 1990s. Cloudscape later came to IBM following a series of acquisitions. IBM contributed it to Apache in August of 2004. Sun joined the development effort in spring of 2005. Derby came out of Apache incubation and became a full-fledged Apache project in December of 2005.

Sun distributes Derby as Java DB. (JDK 6 is expected to distribute a version of Java DB which contains JDBC 4.)