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Not Just About Diamonds

Posted by mortazavi on December 11, 2006 at 1:18 PM PST

JavaPolis 2006 proves that Antwerp is not just about the diamond, the ruby, other jewels or gems. It is also about Java and the Java Community.

As a starter at JavaPolis, if you are at JavaPolis and are interested in databases, you may want to check out Francois Orsini's Hands-on JavaDB (Apache Derby) Lab.

Note the very recent release of JDK 6, which is also the first JDK to ship Java DB as part of the development kit.

For a list of contributors to the JDK 6's umbrella spec, see the announcement by Mark Reinhold. Mark has earlier written about Java going open source including these notes on source code management.

You may also want to check out the Duke Zone, visit Tim Bray's, Rich Green's and Simon Phipps' posts and read's editor's notes.

Danny Coward writes about the top 10 features of JDK 6 and gives blog entry links in a neat tabular form.

Our own team's contribution to JDK 6 has been Java DB which is based on an earlier release of Apache Derby with JDBC 4 classes included.