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Underground Notes from O'Reilly's OSCon

Posted by mortazavi on July 31, 2007 at 4:04 PM PDT

Some say Sun is as cool as OSCon (if not cooler) because, among most companies that support OSCon, only Sun can produce truly underground notes on OSCon.

David Van Couvering reviews Mike Olson's comments about his keynote at OSCon and pontificates about whether the value of Open Source could be limited to the collaboration it fosters. David aptly notes that

Open source and an open community gives you the assurance that the
technology you are depending on is not going to be discontinued or put
into "maintenance mode," it won't be acquired by someone who you would
rather not do business with, and it won't be used as leverage against
you to extract money or modify your behavior.

By way of further review, David contrasts MySQL as an Open Source project to PostgreSQL as an Open Source project.

In a separate underground note from OSCon, Barton George has posted his interview with Free Software Foundation lawyer Eben Moglen.