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JavaOne Conference -- Reason for Its Existence

Posted by mortazavi on June 4, 2009 at 4:17 PM PDT

JavaOne Conference's Raison d'être: common context!

Without such common context, it becomes much harder to communicate, learn and innovate on an assumed base of ideas.

A lot of creativity is just about combining one idea with another. Without a common language and common related concepts, it becomes impossible to drive the creative processes that feed the community.

People who come to JavaOne Conference don't usually have to explain to each other what a JVM is, what the JDK is, what a JRE is, what class loading is, what byte-code is, what byte-code instrumentation is, what a JSR is, what a distinction between an object, a class or an interface is, what annotations do or what libraries are best to use for concurrency, etc., etc. These are not just acronyms but a hierarchy of base concepts with which all Java programmers are quite familiar at some level of the hierarchy. The base concepts form the very base of the common context which speed up communication and learning.

In short, Java is much more than a language, a set of APIs or some set of platform specifications. In fact, it is this difference that drives Java programmers to band into a community.

Java programmers, designers, architects, business leaders, etc. continue as a vibrant community with certain habits of thinking and understanding regarding how programs work, how to design programs, how to write good code, how to arrange and deploy applications, how to build and extend platforms and how to feed their hierarchy of communities with ideas, actions and business strategies.

To underestimate the value of the JavaOne Conference is to underestimate the value of the Java community.

So, let's celebrate another successful JavaOne as its unfolds towards its conclusion tomorrow!