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MSA 2 -- Bridging the Fragments

Posted by mortazavi on June 4, 2009 at 4:41 PM PDT

Fragmentation of programming environments on various "Java" devices has always bothered mobile Java programmers.

Hence, the build up to MSA 2, the successor of MSA 1.

It adds new JSRs and Certifications to the stack in order to reduce fragmentation over devices.

It addresses operational requirements.

Spec draft has three stacks instead of two -- covering a broader range of devices. Its biggest stack has 20+ JSRs.

It reduces fragmentation with a consistent set of APIs.

Quite a complex process has been used to determine which JSRs should go into which stack.

MSA 1 already includes certain JSRs, and in specifying MSA 2, there were certain requirements for backward compatibility with MSA 1.

In the past, there has been an issue regarding media type and media format fragmentation on various devices. Programmers have not been able to assume common media formats across devices.

MSA 2 is requiring certain common media formats. This will make it easier for developers to develop media applications and deploy it on various sets of devices.