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Top on my javac wishlist

Posted by mranga on December 23, 2003 at 5:04 AM PST

I have not written a line of C++ in over 3 years and hope not to in the future. However,
I am a recovering c++ addict (err... programmer member of c-aholics anonymous) . I am an ex abuser of cpp. I've been known to write complex functions using cpp as I am in fact a recovering c programmer before I became a recovering c++ programmer and never grew
too fond of templates. So whats the point of all this?

I suppose this is something bad but I really really miss #ifdef, #define and #elif not to mention #endif. Periodically, I do google searches for things like that written in java. Lo and behold I found something recently called Prep (which was actually brought to my attention by a helpful developer from Sun Microsystems who took sympathy while I was thrashing in the throes of C++ withdrawal one evening at java one). Prep comes close but it would be really nice to have a pre-processor utility be part of the JDK.

What would I do with such a utility ?

  • Write code that runs across different java versions.
  • Write code that runs across j2me and j2se
  • reduce the static heap size by conditionally compiling out debug printfs.

OK so one can get carried away with cpp but it is darned useful and I miss it. Now where did I put that darned c++ needle ..... some addictions are hard to get over.