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Is an applet phone an alternative to SALT?

Posted by mranga on April 25, 2004 at 11:20 AM PDT

To borrow words from my good friend, Professor Henry Higgins, "Have you ever met a programmer of good character where XML is concerned? Well, I havent. I find that the moment a programmer learns XML, he/she wants to invent his/her own dialect. "

OK we all have our language exploits and I have invented a few XML dialects of my own (which have a grand following of but one user). Despite my personal exploits in this area, I am a bit of an iconoclast so I'll ply my trade and try to be controversial. Here's the story:

Lately I have become a SIP animal. With a little help, from the user community, we put together a nice little stack - ( JAIN-SIP ) that has been used by many. We like to eat our own cooking at NIST so we launched a few projects of our own - the latest being the ( JAIN-SIP-APPLET-PHONE - download it and try it out if you wish) which imbeds a SIP stack as an applet.

In doing this project I began to wonder about why things like SALT (Speech application language tags - SALT FORUM ) . SALT appears to have a large backing and clearly it is a fine and useful thing (language independent and whatnot) so I am not arguing for the demise of SALT.

Then I began to wonder some more... Why not just agree on the signaling protocol for call set up (SIP - of course :-) ) and let java be the language to implement and deploy the protocol to the client browser (of course :-) lest I get shot for suggesting something else on this web site). Thats what Applets were invented for. This will allow you to have nice webby stuff going on around the imbedded phone - which is what SALT appears to be good at. Besides, people are happy with Applet security and there would be one less XML dialect to deal with. With a language recognition / keyword recognition engine running in the server, you can happily signal and talk to devices if thats your goal in life.

So the question I have for you, dear reader is -- with an imbedded SIP stack + applets + JMF + html can you achieve the same thing as one can with SALT ? Will we be saved from the tyrrany of XML tags? Enquiring minds want to know.

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