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Posted by mreinhold on November 10, 2005 at 3:20 PM PST

Many members of the JDK
are active bloggers, but there's no one place where you can go to
find their blogs. Quite a few can be found on href="">, but lots of Sun employees have
blogs elsewhere—most often on href="">—and of course non-Sun
employees have blogs all over the web.

To help address this problem I've hacked up a simple aggregator and put it
up on the web at I didn't
have to write much new code for this since the href="">ROME project already does the heavy lifting
of parsing syndication feeds in all of their splendiferous complexity. It's
still a little rough around the edges—it doesn't publish aggregated
feeds itself yet, for example, but that will come soon. It's running,
naturally, on the very latest Mustang build.

I've populated with feeds
for all of Sun's Java SE bloggers. I've also added feeds for the blogs of
anyone who's contributed a fix to
Mustang—at least insofar as I could find them via Google. If you've
contributed a Mustang fix and your blog isn't listed on href=""> then drop me a note and I'll add

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