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Apache Geronimo is releasing a "State of the Project" announcement tomorrow.

Posted by n_alex on September 4, 2003 at 8:12 PM PDT

So far, so good.

First of all, traffic on the Geronimo-dev list has been incredible. Literally hundreds of developers have launched themselves into the Geronimo-dev mailing lists. Each week there are nearly five hundred posts to the dev list.

Andy Oliver stirred up some trouble for us by calling up HONOR, an American Indian advocacy group located right here in Minneapolis. I'm currently talking with HONOR about the Apache Software foundation. The lady there is really nice. I'm planning to add i18n mechanisms in the JMX-console so that we can put out a Lakota Indian language option for it in the default downloads : )

I don't actually mind the whistleblowing that much. It's really not a big deal. I think it would be a great chance to introduce some American Indian communities to Open Source. It costs nothing, so it levels the playing field for small companies entering the market and educational institutions who want to train their students in software development / web development.

Oliver might actually have done us (and HONOR) a great favor by opening a dialogue for this. I'd like to see computer science classes in Indian high schools be able to teach web development to their students in their native languages. How cool would that be for them?

On the other hand, it is sort of curious that Oliver got so concerned about the name of our project considering his is named "Poi", which is the name of a ceremonial dance used by Maori tribes dating back 1000 years. Or is it the name of that Hawaiaan food made from the Taro plant? I always get that mixed up.

In any case, there might be some grant money at the University here to cover the cost of learning Lakota, but I think it'd be fun regardless. Maybe someone on the project already knows Lakota (or maybe you know someone who knows Lakota. . . . ) Ojibwe would be fun as well. I wonder if they're at all related?

Anyway, on my front, I've noticed some of the UI guys are organizing efforts to build the different JMX consoles the project needs. I know for certain there's Twiddle and my web console. Someone mentioned building a Swing GUI (Thick client, but hey--I like a little friendly competition)

I think eventually I'm going to have to write an "ASF Newcomer's Guide" with suggestions on how to get involved with Open Source and Apache in particular. I'm no expert, but I'm taking copious notes for when that time comes around.

Off to work on the JMX web console now. The State of the Project announcement comes out tomorrow and I've got a lot of work to do yet tonight for it : )

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