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Author Praises the Die-Hard Spirit of Silicon Valley Culture in Radio Broadcast

Posted by n_alex on October 25, 2003 at 1:49 PM PDT

(the following is an excerpt of Greider's radio broadcast)

"I was on the west coast. I can't tell you how many good conversations I've had with people, many of them software engineers who were working in Silicon Valley. Two or three years ago they thought they were millionaires, cause they had a lot of stock options and the stock prices of their company was still going through the roof."

"And they're not destitute now--they got a buyout or something like that. They're not living in poverty. But they got whacked, big time. And instead of bitterness, they're mostly in a reflective frame of mind. Now maybe that's just the people who come out to talk with me, but I was pretty impressed with how many of them are sort of noodling through what happened, and trying to figure out what's wrong in the system. And then thinking about--at least, in theory--it could be fixed."

"And maybe that's just because they're engineers, you know, engineers believe they can solve problems and these people are working on it. Men and women." (emphasis mine)

"I would bet on this country as long as that spirit is still there."

Listen to the whole interview here: Real Audio / MP3 / more info about broadcast

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