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Fixing bugs in RHN v1.x

Posted by n_varun on June 30, 2009 at 12:27 AM PDT

Its been a while, since I have blogged here. So, its time to take a look at one of my NetBeans Module and hence, fix some bugs!

Revamped Hyperlink Navigation
Last year, I had written a blog on Hyperlink Navigation Renaissance, here’s brief overview;

After lot of discussion on OpenIDE mailing lists, exploring Developer FAQ’s, exerting my wrist, flexing fingers and what not? Finally, hit the deck hard! Yeah, Hyperlink Navigation in NetBeans got smarter! Especially, for HTML documents.

This is the same module that got published into NetBeans 6.0 Update Center last year. Recently, I have discussed a lot about this module; its history, setting up a Kenai project and finally, how do I make use of SVN to control revisions of this module from Windows CLI and NetBeans IDE.

Annoying Bugs
Well, I thought after a few weeks of refactoring the code, I created last year. It will run smoothly and it did, however I found 2 bugs today. Probably, I should have used some testing strategy to tackle this. Anyways, I have filed them at my Kenai Project's JIRA Issue Tracker.

These bugs actually affect v1.0 and v1.1 of this module. I intend to fix them for v1.2 Please note that RHN v1.x will be compatible with NetBeans 6.0 and probably with NetBeans 6.1. When you would see the number to left of decimal point change, i.e. RHN vN.x where N > 1 and x belongs to [0, M]. For instance, RHN v2.0 would work well with NetBeans 6.1 and may not with NetBeans 6.0.

This is turning out to be a great learning experience for me, I look forward to provide more updates on this. If you want to help in fixing them, you're welcome to join Kenai and hence, join my project.

Latest Updates

Jul 01, 2009
I have successfully resolved one of them, refer my another blog for more details.